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What to expect?

Explore Bruges in a different way

Under guidance you run - at a leisurely pace - through the streets and alleys of Bruges. Because you explore Bruges early in the morning or early in the evening, you can admire the city unhindered. The trail, which ends on the market square, is 9.5 km long. With the explanation you get along the way, you can count on 1 to 1.5 hours.

Together you discover well-known and less well-known places in Bruges. Is there a better way to discover this small but beautiful city?

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Discover local restaurants and bars

Discover local restaurants, breweries, places, cafes, ... together with your local guide. Born and raised in Bruges, they know better than anyone where to go.

Learn the local culture and history

Learn about the history and culture of Bruges while walking. Also learn in this way how the citizens experienced this.

Your guide is also a runner

When you leave for a tour you already have a common characteristic with your guide. You like to take a tour. Who knows, you may run into a similar competition soon?


It couldn't be more ecological. With us you do not have to pay any extra fuel tax.

Time management

Would you like to visit a few museums & do some shopping too? Thanks to the running tour you get the most out of your day and you have seen a large part of Bruges.

Get everywhere

During the tours you come to places where other tourists do not come. The tour is constructed in such a way that you see beautiful parts that you would otherwise not visit.

Tailor-made events for large groups?

  • You want to visit Bruges or go shopping and go jogging first?

  • Do you want to do some sport during your conference?

  • Visiting Bruges with the running club?

  • Team building in a different way?


This is possible with Tourist Run Brugge.

We provide a tailor-made route of 9.5 km through the center of Bruges.


If you would like to have the course bigger or smaller, no problem, let us know your preference.




  • Course 9.5 km (or your preference)

  • In the morning, start time to be determined by yourself: between 7am - 9am and 4pm - 9pm

  • From 4 persons

  • Possibility to shower afterwards (with extra payment)

  • € 15 instead of € 30

  • Possibility to provide breakfast package (with extra charge)


We are open to all your questions. Contact us for non-binding information. click here

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